Caroline van der Linden

What sort of person am I?

I am energetic, creative, take initiative, entrepreneurial, conceptual,analytical, action-minded, empathetic.

I want too much or too many things too quickly.  It is sometimes hard for me to say ‘no’ or to stop in time. I go on where other people stop, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes out of stubbornness.  I am demanding both
of myself and also of others, I can be impatient, I can lose track of time when I am busy.

I like to brainstorm, it sometimes doesn’t matter what topic, I like to start up new things. I like adventure or challenges, a bit of competition. I like to seek the boundaries of my capabilities and sometimes of my safety (when
travelling). I like to travel and meet new people, cultures and architecture, I like reading, the sea/swimming/diving and chocolate.

I do not like the ‘yes but’ mentality’ (going backwards not forwards), I do not like administration (at
work, at home), I do not like repetitive work, detailed planning, no-risk taking behaviour, phlegmatic people. I dislike spiders, snakes and mosquitos and of course Brussels sprouts.

I can communicate with a beggar and with a C.E.O., with a lawyer and with a child in the streets of India.
I am very creative e.g. in making things with my hands or coming up with quick, creative solutions to small problems.
I am able to find my way around in town or abroad: I can read maps, I always can find my way home, wherever I am.
Curiosity kills the cat, but it also develops the cat: I know how to ask the right questions to get more information
I am a networker, able to link people, information, concepts etc together.

I am not a computer expert. For IT stuff, really technical things I am dependent on others;
I am not able to recite theory or models (I have to look things up, or know the essentials);
I have my limitations with foreign languages (but I always manage to get around in every country);
I do not have a ‘velvet way’ of saying things: I can be quite blunt
I have never liked running long distance; I can’t skate.  Nowadays I have limitations in doing sports.

I am interested in design, architecture, houses, art, sculpting, biographies of rtists, thrillers or original novels (Lord of the Rings etc), movies, (making of) colours, original old materials and stones, jewellery and handbags.


Reciprocity, liberté & egalité, respect, honesty, what you see is what you get, vegetarian (‘fishetarian’), eco, slow food, healthy stuff, no drugs, no smoking or (excessive) alcohol.

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