Annet Neijmeijer/Geert-Jan Bogaerts – Beyond and Back

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Beyond and back (an adventure for the mind)

Far beyond reason and reality
We go
Beyond knowledge and beliefs
We go
On this yellow-fellow journey

We see shapes, colors, curves
Forms that force us to go on
Beyond this shallow shield we bear
And on and on
In worlds of wonder
Shaken and taken by dazzling art

What waters lie here
deep and dark
doomed, the shadow of a groping soul
in this eerie wood of dreams
Or is it stillness
peaceful acquiescence
feeble light in this timber of life?

And on we go
An inner universe unfolds
Unveils our eyes to see the world around us
And from this quest
We emerge reborn
And come to comprehend

Annet Neijmeijer, cultureel antropoloog, heeft een cultureel organisatiebureau, Ziggurat. Geert-Jan Bogaerts, politicoloog, was hoofd van de Online Uitgeverij bij De Volkskrant. Samen ontwikkelden ze de website van Yellow Fellow.

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